Output Enablers' Support Station

Email Support:

If you have any problems with your kit, please contact us via email at sales@outputenablers.com. In your email message, please let us know your invoice number, the type of machine you have, and what the symptoms of your problems are. We can often diagnose the problem and we will be happy to send you replacement parts or oscillators if we think it will help you get up to speed.

Software Support:

Output Enablers' patch to System 7.5 Update 1.0
  This patch allows people with upclocked 7100/66 and 8100/100 machines to use System 7.5.1. It is not needed on any other machines, and should not be used on other machines or on other versions of the system.
Output Enablers' patch to System 8.5
  This patch is only for use on PowerMac 6100/60 and 6100/66 (and Performa 611x) machines that have been clock chipped to 100MHz and above (and yes, this is very rare). No other machines will require this patch, and it probably should not be used on any other machines.

Installation Manuals:

G3 Jumper Block / G3 Chiller
  These instructions are for the G3 Jumper block and G3 Chiller Assemble-it-yourself kits. They apply only if you have the G3/233 and G3/266 machines.

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